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    Text your customers when your events go on sale.


    End-to-end solution for selling tickets to your events.


    Gain actionable insights into your customers

    You will sell more tickets with Phynk.

    This is how.

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    Collect Phynk announce enables you to notify your fans when your events go on sale. Embed a single line of code on your website and we will take care of the rest.

    Powerful and unified interface Manage all of your subscriber lists from a single interface. Send or schedule messages to be sent, and see all of the information in real time (no need to refresh the page).

    Cross promote your events Once someone has subscribed, you can notify of them of similar events. In addition, for recurring events, they will be notified for the next event as well.

    Target your ads Visualize where your subscribers come from, and use that insight to better target your ads.


    10 cents per message. Your first 150 messages are free.

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    This product really simplified our marketing efforts. It's incredibly easy to use and just works.
    Chris Peters
    Film Producer
    I really wish we'd had this when I was at Insomniac. The ROI is incredible, and setting it up only took five minutes. I can't see why anyone wouldn't use Phynk.
    David Wilkins
    Director of Software Engineering
    If you're not using Phynk you're leaving money on the table.
    Christina Blackman
    Marketing Manager